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Streamline and Automate Manually Intensive Processes

Growth and convergence in the media sector has led to strong competition for advertising dollars. As advertisers and agencies demand comprehensive campaigns with a multi-platform approach in print, TV, online and radio, the need to use a front office solution is becoming more urgent.

Infinity's Media & Publishing CRM solutions meet this challenge providing the seamless coordination between the account executives, sales management and marketing needed to improve the performance and profitability of their firms. Infinity's Media and Publishing CRM solutions are comprehensive solutions that enable numerous companies to identify and maintain the loyalty of their most profitable clients.

With Infinity's Media and Publishing CRM solutions, you can focus on building and maintaining profitable relationships:

  • Improve your collaboration and streamline communication by centralizing your client, prospect and agency information in one database

  • Immediately access all your critical information including your top clients by sales, category and account executive

  • Increase your client retention by providing more personalized client service and tailored communications

  • Shorten your  sales cycles by effectively managing and assessing opportunities in your sales pipeline

  • Boost your companies productivity by eliminating tedious paper-based administration and completely automating key business processes

  • Efficiently manage your sales team by instantly generating key reports

  • Increase your marketing collaboration to streamline the process of adding people to comp or premium lists, holiday cards, or marketing events

Media & Publishing CRM Solutions Sales Features:

  • Client/Advertiser, Prospect and Agency Levels to capture complex relationships.

  • Award-winning Contact Management to track all your company's activity - interaction & communication

  • Powerful queries and look-ups for profiling and segmentation

  • Automation to implement your business processes to automate key tasks such as premiums, comp lists, and holiday cards

  • Track Complex Relationships between Clients, Agencies & their Media Buyers

Full Media & Publishing System Integration:

  • Fully integrated with Outlook and the Microsoft Office Suite makes our solution intuitive from users

  • Mobile solutions for PDAs and laptop synchronization

  • Quickly access sales history, by brand, client, and agency

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