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Comprehensive Not-for-Profit CRM Solutions from Infinity Info Systems.

The Not-for-Profit sector has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the US economy. With existing government challenges to trim budgets while providing quality services, many functions have been out-sourced to competing Not-for-Profit service providers. Consequently, these companies are challenged to function like efficient private sector businesses.

Infinity's Not-for-Profit CRM solutions addresses all critical needs such as tracking service delivery, case management, monitoring contracts, and donor relations.  Infinity's CRM solutions for Nonprofits are comprehensive solutions that enable the leading Not-for-Profits to maintain their quality of service delivery and manage contacts and relationships.

With Infinity's CRM solutions for Non Profit Organizations you can:

  • Improve your collaboration and streamline your communication by consolidating and sharing client, prospect and partner information in a centralized database

  • Immediately access your critical and accurate information including top funders by revenue or other criteria

  • Increase your client satisfaction by providing more personalized service

  • Grow your nonprofit membership or donor base by effectively managing and assessing opportunities

  • Boost productivity in your nonprofit organization by eliminating tedious paper-based administration and automating the delivery of customized services

Infinity's Solution for your Non Profit Organization Features:

  • Award-winning Contact Management to track all your activity - interaction & communication

  • Powerful queries and look-ups for profiling and segmentation

  • Automation to implement business processes to automate all your key tasks

Full System Integration:

  • Full integration with Outlook and the Microsoft Office Suite makes our solution intuitive for users

  • Mobile solutions and laptop synchronization are also available

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